With 3D printing, we create new opportunities in the field of design and art.

Sandhelden's patented process enables all preferences and requirements to be implemented. 3D printing technology is not tied to conventional restrictions such as undercuts and quantities. It can bring sand into any shape imaginable. The resulting flexibility enables the production of unique products.

The manufacturing process is divided into different steps. The first step deals with 3D modeling. Based on customer requests, the design is modeled and a printable 3D file is created. The next step is to initiate the 3D printing process with this file. Sandhelden uses professional 3D industrial printers. In a layering process, the selected shape is then printed with the highest quality layer by layer using high-precision nozzles.

The 3D printing technology that is used is called "binder jetting". Here, two grains of quartz sand are laid on top of each other. In order that the grains of sand stick together, a binder is partially applied, which leads to a bond. This process does not use high temperatures compared to other 3D printing processes. In the third step, the blank is carefully exposed. It is cleaned with air pressure until there is no loose grain of sand left on the surface.




Binder jetting is an additive manufacturing process in which a liquid binder is selectively applied to bond powder particles.


Material layers are then connected to an object.


The print head allows binders to be strategically applied to the powder.


The job box lowers and another layer of powder is then spread and binders are added.

Over time, the object builds up through the layering of powder and binder.


The coating represents the last production step for bathroom products.


The specially developed coating process creates a scratch-resistant surface that is resistant to chemical cleaning agents, which leaves nothing to be desired in terms of feel and appearance.


You can make comparisons to mineral casting and acrylic with regard to the inner surface.


According to the same criteria as these materials, the material was also tested by Sandhelden with regard to sanitary use by the TÜV in order to ensure compliance with standards and high quality demands.


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