"SKANDIKA Collection"
Svenja Nesch

Vesta Bred in Charcoal Black
Jag in Lavender Grey
Korall in Stormy Grey

Gersthofen (Germany), 2020

Vesta Bred in Charcoal Black. Tigu in Lavender Grey und Korall in Stormy Grey

SKANDIKA Kollektion

Sand is a natural and sustainable material with which many people have a personal connection.

The most influencing experiences are our memories as a child in the sandbox as well as holidays at the sea or in the desert. 

Sand is often associated with contradictory properties that underline its versatility. It can be hard and rough, but at the same time warm and comforting.

Sandhelden uses these contrasting associations and inspires our
customers with a unique approach. In this process, the company
changes the general perception of sand and presents it in a form
and variety never seen before.

The SKANDIKA Collection has been created as the very first family of washbasins made of sand worldwide. Their shapes evocate the organic patterns from coral reefs, sea waves, sand footprints combined with some classic Scandinavian design approach.

The creativity of Svenja Nesch, her passion for material innovation, and a trip to Scandinavia resulted in her inspiration for this collection.

With these washbasins, Sandhelden bravely opts for remarkable shapes for the bathroom. Forms that are only possible thanks to its unique manufacturing process.

Sandhelden´s expertise in post-processing allows the company to offer a surface finish fully suitable for sanitary use and which complies with European regulations.

Innovation in its purest form through the combination of sustainable material, the latest technology and special design.

SKANDIKA Collection

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Svenja Nesch

Svenja Nesch is an interdisciplinary designer who is driven by the fascination for materiality, color harmony and surface quality in her creative process.

She discovers creative potential and shows new perspectives. The goal is always an aesthetic synergy of material and shape.

Her creativity is reflected in her inspiration during a trip to Scandinavia in the SKANDIKA collection.

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