"SIMBIOSIS Collection"
Carlos del Castillo

SIMBIOSIS Kollektion in Antique White

SIMBIOSIS Collection

The term symbiosis applies to biological interaction, to the close and persistent relationship between organisms of different species. 

In this case, SIMBIOSIS, a collection of countertop basins, refers to the close connection between architecture and product design, which have interacted symbiotically throughout history.

SIMBIOSIS can be understood as an architectural product with proportions and inspiration typical from classic construction techniques.

A close relationship that joins in the bathroom space, in which classic architectural values such as elegance, sobriety and nobility are reflected in the design line of the washbasins.

SIMBIOSIS stands for shapes that are comfortable, simple and clean both in their perception and in their use in an environment that invites relaxation, tranquillity and calm.

SIMBIOSIS´ timeless designs seamlessly fit in any period or era. The objects do not distract the user from the bathroom experience, but give an added value to the aesthetics and comfort of the space.

Monosurface color, changing texture along the shape and quartz sand as a unique material provide a high-quality product.

SIMBIOSIS Collection

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Carlos del Castillo

Carlos studied Bachelor of Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development in Madrid (Spain) where he is originally from. The passion, commitment and the continuous pursuit of the connections between design and science are the characteristics that define his work.

Thanks to the versatility acquired through his engineering and design skills, passion for imaginative design and high motivation, he loves being able to face new challenges.

As the head of the product design department of Sandhelden, he also designed the Voronoi collection. A series of luminaries based on the famous mathematics tessellations, bringing for the first time the worldwide used pattern to the 3D sand printing technology. 

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