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Besides her architectural projects, the Spanish architect develops design objects in which iron and concrete were the main materials. In this collaboration, she adds sand to her portfolio of materials and demystifies the exclusive use as a construction material. She seeks the perfect in the imperfect, shows this material as it is and makes each piece unique and eternal.

When designing the image of LA, both elegance and minimalism were considered. The team of Alba Arribas thus tries to create a 3D decorative object, where texture and geometric lines are the main objectives of the design process.

The LS1 luminaire has been designed with elegance and function in mind. It is an original and modern lamp made of sand that will delight even the most demanding art lovers. It is inspired by the light and shape of a crescent moon.

A triangular 3D printed table clock with black needles is the third object in her family of sand products. It is a modern version of the classic round clock, whereby the sand gives its design an incredible roughness.

Material: Quartz sand (SH – F01)

Post Process: Infiltration & (partially) Dyed

Product details: 

LA1 (3D Painting): 330 x 450 x 10 mm | 2,5 kg

LS1 (Table Lamp): 345 x 350 x 100 mm | 2,1 kg

ST1 (Clock): 161 x 140 x 27 cm | 0,3 kg

Madrid (Spain), 2019

Images courtesy of Alba Arribas


Alba Arribas is a perfectionistic architect who makes from every each of her designs something unique and exclusive. Currently, the development of a furniture line is her priority. The search for new materials and new techniques to create unique decor products is the main goal of its designs.

Some of her furniture has been exhibited at “Salone del Mobile de Milano 2018” and acclaimed by important Spanish magazines such as AD Spain. She combines the development of her minimalist furniture line with interior design projects where the client looks for something different and personal.

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