Press release

Outstanding potential of 3D sand printing in architecture

3rd November 2020

3D printing is meant to change the world. Specialists have already predicted the technology as the third industrial revolution. During the last years we saw how the architectural community has had a long-running engagement with 3D printing, from using the technology to print entire buildings, to creating highly complex architectural models.

Expansion of stationary distribution

7th August 2020

As a manufacturer of individual washbasins made of sand, Sandhelden offers an exclusive niche product, which is in growing demand due to the increasing awareness of the Sandhelden brand.

New brand strategy

25th July 2020

Sandhelden has used the last few months during the Corona pandemic to evaluate its corporate strategy and align it to the current market situation. The purpose of the modification is to make a lasting investment ...

Sustainability through sand

5th June 2020

Additive manufacturing is one of the sustainability issues in industry. Aside from plastics, 3D printing is also possible with natural materials such as sand.

Unique manufacturing process

11th May 2020

The patented Sandhelden process enables all preferences and requirements to be implemented.

Changing perceptions

17th April 2020

Sandhelden combines high-quality design with the unlimited technical and aesthetic possibilities of 3D printing.

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