Sandhelden offers endless possibilities. We change the common perception of sand and establish it as the new design material.


                    is a natural material that has very special properties when used in different areas.


It can be hard and rough, but also warm and pleasant. With this variety, it's no surprise that almost everyone has a personal connection to this unique material.


These can be memories of early childhood in the sandpit, vacations on the beach or simply using this material in a professional environment such as construction.

We use these general associations of people to bring them into contact with our products.


In the process, their perceptions change by confronting them with an unprecedented form that sand can take. A hard but loose material that can be formed into any shape!


                    is the new design material that enables creative people and companies to explore new possibilities in very different ways.


However, it is important to understand and respect the natural heritage of sand in order to use it in the most efficient and beautiful way.

In our process, we use quartz sand, a sustainable and high-quality raw material,


which incomparable character in the form of haptics is just as fascinating as its formability to astonishingly elegant designs.


It is sourced from local suppliers in Bavaria, which enables us to be more sustainable. We have to make sure that each grain is the same size.


This is very important for our 3D printing technology and ensures the highest quality of our products.

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