The Lotus, in India since ancient times a symbol of purity, perfection, and beauty, grows best in muddy water, rising towards the light and unfolds its beauty on the water surface. 

Inspired from old Indian marble washbasins, in the shape of lotus flowers, the washbasin finds an elegant and exotic way to transform the shape in a modern context. 


The reality of nature meets with the most advanced technology to imitate with this unique piece the effect of collecting water from the leaves of water lilies plants.

The creation of Lotus means the discovery of forms until now unexplored as far as bathroom furniture is concerned, offering an innovative, original and creative chance to complete the bathroom of your dreams.

Material: Quartz sand

Finish: Matt 

Standard size: 614 x 605 x 193 mm

Standard colors​:

Oyster white

Window grey

Signal white

Traffic grey B

Traffic black

Distant blue

Reseda green

Rough stone (NEW)

Technical Data Sheet

Assembly Instructions


INPUT-A was founded by Shivani Khatri and Jakob Julian Nürnberger in Ahmedabad, India. The Indo-German designer team merges multiple design cultures and approaches, creating a unique design language rooted between German clarity and Indian abundance.


The studio believes that an essential impact on our self is the aesthetics of our immediate surroundings. To live, work and be in a space of high grade in its design, material and atmosphere is important in order to increase your wellbeing and abilities as individual or organization.

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