Unique to the KOSMOS collection are the Iris and Helios designs. These wall-mounted washbasins float light and airy like their namesakes, the sun god (Helios) and the rainbow (Iris), on the wall of the modern bathroom.


Their minimalist design can be combined with a variety of fittings. These can be easily mounted on the washbasin itself.

Wall mounting allows the final product to float on the wall thanks to a simple metal construction hidden in the lower part of the washbasin, representing the eponymous gods of the element air Iris and Helios. A variety of fittings can be easily mounted on the washbasin.




Standard size


Quartz sand

Silk matte

450 x 250 x 130 mm

Velvet Red

Saffron Terracotta

Peach Ocher

Honey Yellow

Golden Ocher

Pine Green

Midnight Blue

Aegean Blue

KOSMOS Collection

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