Gaia, the personification of earth in Greek mythology; and Atlas, the young Titan condemned by Zeus to carry the sky on his shoulders, are the protagonists of this design pair.


As it could not be otherwise, the main feature of these products is their round shape, which refers to the earth, the element of nature that both gods represent.

The shapely round opening of the Gaia & Atlas countertop washbasins invites a sense of well-being in any bathroom. The models are available in different sizes and thus in round or oval versions.




Standard size


Quartz sand

Silk matte

350 x 350 x 130 mm

430 x 430 x 130 mm

500 x 300 x 130 mm

600 x 350 x 130 mm

650 x 380 x 130 mm

Velvet Red

Saffron Terracotta

Peach Ocher

Honey Yellow

Golden Ocher

Pine Green

Midnight Blue

Aegean Blue

KOSMOS Collection

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