HEAPS | Greece is for Lovers 

A nostalgic and tactile tribute to the sandy shores of the Mediterranean.

Titled Heap, the vase is comprised of four corner parts; each element can stand as an individual vase, resembling the way sand piles in corners when swept by the wind. When the individual quarters are brought together into a quartet, they form a playful heap of sand or dune.

The nearly 30-centimeter tall sculptural vase is 3D printed in quartz sand using Sandhelden’s technology for a sensual and tactile tribute to long summers spent in the Mediterranean.

Heap’s organic, flowing shape evokes the transient quality of sand, which constantly shifts over time. The use of sand further evokes a sense of nostalgia by incorporating an integral element of Greek is for Lovers’ upbringing. Perforations throughout the structure serve the same purpose as a vase’s traditional opening.

Material: Quartz sand (SH – F01)

Post Process: Infiltration + Dyeing

Product details: 285 x 275 x 200 mm | 0,9 kg

Athens (Greece), 2020

Images courtesy of Nikos Alexopoulos


Greece is for Lovers is the brainchild of Thanos Karampatsos and Christina Kotsilelou. Sharing similar aesthetic influences, the creative minds behind it introduced a brand-new sense of ‘Greekness’ to contemporary product design, by mixing up a concoction of their country’s spiciest ingredients: humor, irony, nonchalance and extravagance.

Inspired by the stereotypical notion of what is widely held to be Greek, their designs comment on habitual activities and behavioral patterns both of the past and the present. They narrate an alternative home country, consisting of part fantasy, part memory and part wish. OPTIONAL: Exploring areas widely considered as an anathema, or plain shameful, they casually retrieve aesthetic value and inspiration.


Unwilling to compromise, the GIFL trademark aesthetic sits comfortably in the controversial area between luxe and kitsch.

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