"Voronoi Collection"

Carlos del Castillo

Bildaufnahme von Unten der Delta Lampe von Carlos del Castillo



Product details

Quartz sand (SH – F03)


DELTA: 230 x 230 x 136 mm | 0,6 kg

BETA: 186 x 186 x 376 mm | 2,5 kg

NU: 144 x 144 x 200 mm | 0,5 kg

TAU: 230 x 230 x 136 mm | 0,6 kg (without lampshade)

Badezimmer mit Bara Waschbecken und Lampen Delta und Beta
Nu Lampe Voronoi Kollektion Carlos del Castillo und Sandhelden
Delta Lampe Voronoi Kollektion Carlos del Castillo und Sandhelden
Beta Lampe Voronoi Kollektion Carlos del Castillo und Sandhelden

Munich (Germany), 2019

Voronoi Collection

The Voronoi diagrams have been used in engineering and natural sciences since the 19th century. Carlos del Castillo achieved to bring the continuity of their surfaces and the beauty of their shapes to a family of lamps.

Concepts like texture, emotion, roughness, organic, rustic and traditional that are unconsciously attached to sand meet the characteristics of complexity, geometry, science, innovation, future & trend of the Voronoi pattern.

Sand and technology form these luminaires to be a modern, simple and elegant element for all living spaces. 

The main goal of this project with Sandhelden was to create a product able to teach and show what this technology is capable of doing in terms of complexity. At the same time, it studies the limitations of the technology of Sandhelden.


Carlos del Castillo

Carlos studied Bachelor of Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development in Madrid (Spain) where he is originally from. The passion, commitment and the continuous pursuit of the connections between design and science are the characteristics that define his work.

Thanks to the versatility acquired through his engineering and design skills, passion for imaginative design and high motivation, he loves being able to face new challenges.

As the head of the product design department of Sandhelden, he also designed the Voronoi collection. A series of luminaries based on the famous mathematics tessellations, bringing for the first time the worldwide used pattern to the 3D sand printing technology. 

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