"Layered Transparency"
Anne-Sophie Oberkrome

Layered Transaprency Vase beige Phenol Sand Seitenperspektive



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Quartz sand (SH – P14)


200 x 180 x 245 mm | 1,6 kg

Layered Transaprency Vase beige Phenol Sand Glaßtisch
Layered Transaprency Vase Ausstellung Anne-Sophie Oberkrome
Nahaufnahme Layered Transaprency Vase Ausstellung Anne-Sophie Oberkrome
Layered Transparency loser Sand Anne-Sophie Oberkrome

Karlsruhe (Germany), 2019

Layered Transparency

The installation “Layered Transparency - Displayed Opacity” explores a changing perception due to an increasing penetration of analogous, haptic phenomena with virtual and digital offerings in the design, presentation and interaction of objects.


In a total of four "stations", the role of glass and its raw material sand, as material and as a boundary, but also as "bridge", between the virtual and the real world will be explored.

In each station, a vase is presented, which in the course of the installation goes through a metamorphosis from analog to digital and back.


Painted vases serve as three-dimensional images for the conservation of the past. Textures, inscriptions, and drawings laid on the surface tell the history in which the object was once embedded. 


Anne-Sophie Oberkrome

Anne-Sophie Oberkrome is a product designer. She studied at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe and completed an internship at Studio Werner Aisslinger during her studies.

She is currently working on self-initiated projects and commissions, and since 2016 as a freelance designer in the Kilian Schindler Bureau. She is part of the FAN collective.

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