"God of the Grove"

Hedi Xandt




Product details

Quartz sand (SH – F03)

Bust "God of the Grove": 555 x 390 x 850 mm

Skull "God of the Grove": 230 x 270 x 272 mm

Available on request


Hamburg (Germany), 2019

God of the Grove

Hedi Xandt hypnotizes viewers with his somber sculptures. But he is an illustrator, digital artist, photographer, sculptor, and graphic designer, mixing his skills to achieve perfection in his works.


His sculptures are created from digital scans that he images in various mixtures of materials, which always provides many opportunities for post-processing.

In this project with Sandhelden, he used 3D printing technology to create a sand version of the goddess Athena, from which a demonic skull emerges. The skull emerges to reveal the evil within.

With this artwork, Xandt invites the encounter between good and evil, and evil through classical forms and a modern imaginary that is full of darkness.


Hedi Xandt

Hedi's works evoke different sensations in their viewers. Undoubtedly, his sculpture moves in a dark and incisive spectrum, but it also appears exquisite and shocking.


About his inspiration, Xandt has said that personal motives led him to become increasingly dark throughout his life; this is where his art finds its cradle: "Darkness is rich in emotion," the artist says.


Classical Greek sculptures, Hellenic faces and a beauty that comes from the omnipresent intoxication of death and darkness characterize the works of Xandt, a German artist with Norwegian roots.

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