Sandhelden as a company

Sandhelden combines high-quality design and natural material with the unlimited possibilities of 3D printing. The result is a unique product and service range in the design and art industry that will revolutionize these markets in the long-term.

Unlike classic manufacturers, Sandhelden considers itself a cooperation partner for artists and designers. The company supports the entire project - from the first sketch to the final object.

Sandhelden continuously invests in the expansion of its material portfolio to include sustainable and recyclable raw materials. The aim is to achieve a higher level of individuality and a maximum environmentally friendly process.

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Changing Perceptions

Sandhelden changes the perception of natural sand by transforming
the material into durable objects using a 3D printing process.

This combination of sustainable material and cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the classic production of art and design objects

by allowing an endless variety of shapes.

The patented Sandhelden process enables the realization of various

types of projects and shapes sand into every imaginable form.

Loser und gebundener Sand im 3D-Sanddruckverfahren