Sandhelden as a company

Sandhelden combines modern design with the naturality of sand and the possibilities of 3D printing. Through this symbiosis, Sandhelden presents an offer beyond standards.

In addition to the production of interior design and art objects, new possibilities are developed to advance areas such as architecture and (material) research.


The sustainable and regionally extracted raw material quartz sand offers a high-quality basis for this.

The unique surface structure, flexible formability as well as high diversity of possible applications are qualities that are manifested by the services of Sandhelden.

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Changing perceptions

Sandhelden aims to change the perception of sand by breaking new ground and exploring sand as a material.

Innovative approaches to solutions and thinking make it possible to grow beyond boundaries in the design and manufactureing of products.

As a cooperation partner of established as well as up-and-coming creatives of all
disciplines, we support them throughout the entire product development process
- from the first sketch to the finished object made of sand.

Continuous development in favor of sustainability and diversity is close to our heart. Therefore we are interested in expanding our material portfolio with further recyclable and natural raw materials, as well as new creative approaches with partners.

Loser und gebundener Sand im 3D-Sanddruckverfahren