S-Max 3D-Sanddrucker von der ExOne GmbH

3D Printing Technology

The Sandhelden process enables the realization of projects of all kinds. 3D printing technology is not limited to conventional restrictions such as undercuts or quantity.

Sand can be brought into any imaginable shape. The resulting flexibility in production can easily be used for individual items as well as large series.

The complete procedure is divided into different processes. The first step deals with the 3D modeling. Based on the requirements and ideas, the design is coordinated and a printable 3D file is created. The 3D printing process is then initiated with this file. Sandhelden uses professional 3D industrial printers.

In a layer process, the selected shape is then printed layer by layer with high-precision nozzles in the highest quality.

Sandhelden uses the "binder jetting" process as a 3D printing technology. Two grains of quartz sand are placed on top of each other per layer. So that the grains of sand stick together, a binder is partially applied, which leads to a bond. In comparison to other 3D printing processes, this process does not use high temperatures.


In the third step, the printing blank is carefully exposed. It is cleaned with air pressure until any loose grain of sand has been removed from the surface


Binder Jetting



Binder jetting is an additive manufacturing process in which a liquid binder is selectively applied to bond powder particles.



Material layers are then connected to an object.


The print head allows binders to be strategically applied to the powder.



The job box lowers and another layer of powder is then spread and binders are added.

Over time, the object builds up through the layering of powder and binder.

Resistant coating

All of our bathroom products receive a protective coating that withstands the daily demands in the bathroom and is also water-repellent.


The specially developed coating process guarantees a scratch-resistant surface that is also resistant to chemical cleaning agents and leaves nothing to be desired, both haptically and visually.

Tested quality

Our products comply with the European standard for sanitary objects, which has been tested and confirmed by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH.

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